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Our mission statement

Jump Academy of Dance offers elite dance training and, by offering a wide range of well-designed classes, we believe our company can accommodate anyone with an interest in dance. We exist to create opportunities where friendship, passion, and personal development can thrive together.




studio guide

  • Student placement in classes is based on age and ability. Some students may be moved around for a best fit situation. Student placement is at the final decision of Miss Faith. 
  • All ballet, tap and jazz classes will remain as one group from season to season where possible. 
  • All students are required to attend their classes on a regular basis. Frequent, repetitive class work is essential for muscle development and memory. Failing to attend classes regularly will result in a student falling behind their class mates.
  • Any classes cancelled due to bad weather will not be rescheduled but it is highly recommended that you make up the class in a different scheduled class. Please speak to your teacher to arrange make-up classes.
  • Any concerns about an individual student should be raised with their teacher. Please email or call to arrange an appointment as time between classes is limited.


  • Your child is under the supervision of their teacher. If your child feels safe and they are old enough to use the bathroom alone, parents can drop off children and return to pick them up at the end of their class.
  • However they will be unsupervised in the changing room prior and after classes, so please use your discretion to determine if your child is fine to be unsupervised in the changing room or whether you need to wait in the changing room with them. 
  • Letting the academy know when your child may miss a class will help the teachers better prepare their lessons.
  • If the studio is closed due to bad weather, it will be announced on social media only, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Classes will not be rescheduled but it encouraged to take an appropriate make up class. 
  • Please make sure all contact information is up to date.


How to present yourself

  • Arrive early. 
  • Come prepared. Everyone can be forgetful, prepare your self the best you can. Bring all shoes to every class.
  • Bring water to class.
  • Stay focused and alert in class.
  • Listen and apply corrections gracefully.
  • Talk to your teacher to discuss where you could improve.
  • Leave negativity outside of the academy.
  • There will be no leaving the room without the permission of the teacher.
  • Wear the correct uniform and wear it with pride.
  • Always thank your teacher at the end of class.
How to treat others
  • Be supportive and encouraging of your class mates. Clap for them; praise their efforts and accomplishments.
  • Never whisper in class. 
  • Never touch anyone else without permission.
  • Never touch someone else’s things.
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  • Be respectful in the changing rooms, space is limited, working together will allow quick changeovers, and prevent the loss of items.

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