multiple class discount

The more classes you take – the more discount you receive! (per student) Discount is as follows:

1st and 2nd Class – Full Price $61.00

3rd Class – 10% discount $54.90

4th and 5th Class – 20% discount on each $48.80

jump combo

When one student takes two Saturday classes, receive a 10% discount on fees October-May. Don’t wait though, this offer won’t last forever!!

 *additional classes will be priced as 3rd, 4th class etc.

jump price plan (1 student)

1 Class – $61

2 Classes – $122

3 Classes – $176.90 (10% discount on your third class)

4 Classes – $225.70 (10% discount on your third class, 20% discount on your 4th class)

5 Classes – $274.50  (10% discount on your third class, 20% discount on your 4th & 5th class)

6 classes – $323.30

jump price plan (2+ students)

2+students (sharing a price plan/for families sharing the same household only)

2 classes – $122

3 classes – $183.00

4 classes – $237.90

5 classes – $286.70

6 classes – $335.50

Families with more than one child participating in 4 or more classes a week each should contact the Academy.

jump awards

At the end of each year, an award will be given in each dance style. The award is open age and only one dancer will be chosen for excelling in their genre. The award can be given for various reasons, showing great progression, enthusiasm or standing out above their peers. This is a very special award. You will receive a certificate and a badge, the badge should be sewn onto your dance wear for everyone to see! Who will receive our very first JUMP awards?!

dancers spotlight

Show how awesome you are and be credited for it on our website and social media. Working hard in class, Glowing on stage, Excelling in exams, we will be shining our spot light on all dancers that impress us here at JUMP!


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