scheduled classes

 Select classes will participate in the Clarenville Christmas parade. Classes participating will be informed by the end of October.


Examinations with the International Dance Teachers Assosiation (IDTA) can be taken in Ballet, Tap and Jazz.  Examinations with Acrobatic Arts will also be taken in AcroDance. For more infomation on these please contact Miss Faith.

end of season showtime

All classes (with the exception of mommy and me and adult classes) will participate in our end of season production! 

Why we take exams

Exams make sure that each child has covered and achieved each fundamental stage. It allows the student to measure their progression and the sense of achievement when succeeding in exams is very uplifting within their dance journey. They will achieve certificates and medals with every exam passed, allowing them to move up a grade. (Dance grades are not equal to school grades). Exams can also install healthy competition within their class as each students wants to gain top marks. Any students who achieves the high level exams and shows a keen interest within dance and teaching can go on to study (with Miss Faith) for a world wide recognized qualification in teaching dance.

End of season SHOWTIME!

Once committed to the show, attendance must be constant in classes, missing classes can mean that you will be behind the other students and it could result in you being taken out of missed choreography. A costume will be the responsibility of the paying adult. Once committed to the show costume must be paid in full. Each class will require one costume, so children in multiple disciplines will have multiple costumes to purchase. During May and June there will be extra rehearsals which must be attended by the dancers. A rehearsal schedule will be given to parents at the earliest possible time. Some rehearsals will be at the theatre, some will be in full costume, hair and make up, so please read the rehearsal schedule carefully. Showtime is an enjoyable time for all, lots of hard work, dedication and practise is about to pay off!


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