Rhythm & tumble

Parent and Me classes are open to all dancers that are 18 months plus.  Each child must have an adult participate in the dance class with them.

Rhythm & Tumble incorporates the use of acro mats to learn basic tumbles, along with fun dances. This 1-hour class includes 30 minutes of instruction, followed by 30 minutes of free play. Family members will be invited to spectate at the last class of the season.

tiny tots

Parent and Me classes are open to all dancers that are 18 months plus.  Each child must have an adult participate in the dance class with them.

Tiny Tots is a 30 minute class that covers basic dance movement, establishes rhythm, includes nursery rhymes and fun props such as scarfs and instruments. This class is fun fun fun and the child is invited to wear any dance attire they see fit (all princess and super hero outfits allowed!) ballet shoes or bare feet only. Family members will be invited to spectate at the last class of the season.

ballet & Tap combo

This class is an introduction to ballet and tap. It is 45 minutes long and is perfect for your 3 – 4 year olds to release some energy.

We teach the fundamentals of ballet along with igniting the imagination through creative play and use of props. Shoes will be changed and basic tap steps will be taught along with everyones favourite sing along to finish. The class develops independence and social skills while the teacher encourages musical awareness, and self expression.


Classical ballet is offered from age 5 to advanced level. Ballet is the core subject of dance and it is highly recommended that every student participates in ballet.

Ballet develops not only technique, musicality, good posture and strong muscles but also grace, flexibility, co-ordination and knowledge of our bodies. The classes are structured in a way that shows discipline but also knows fun, allowing students to develop, create, and learn.

Pre-pointe & Pointe

Pre pointe and Pointe classes are offered at the teachers discretion, usually starting at pre-teen, for dancers who have several years of ballet experience.

Classes are carefully crafted to introduce students to the artistry and technical demands of dancing on pointe shoes. We prioritize the safety and proper development of each dancer, ensuring a gradual and thorough approach to this advanced form of ballet.

These classes will concentrate on strengthening of the feet, legs and core. Along with continuing to develop technique, alignment, and the endurance demanded by pointe shoes.


Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm! Students will learn the fundamental techniques, intricate rhythms, and dynamic choreography that define this timeless dance form.

Our classes incorporate games, upbeat music, and interactive activities to keep the energy high and the smiles even higher. The classes develop musicality, co-ordination, agility, and syncopated rhythms!

Tap classes are offered from age 5 to advanced level. 


An upbeat dance class, featuring lots of high energy steps and technique practise. 

Classes focus on flexibility, technique, elevation, turning techniques, and stamina, and incorporate the use of current chart music along with some all time favourites. We emphasize the importance of rhythm, coordination, and personal expression, fostering a love for dance that extends beyond the studio.

Jazz is offered from age 5 to advanced level.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is forever developing and changing, and is a very popular type of dance. It is very high energy and incorporates varied techniques, ranging from popping and locking to free style and break dancing.

Hip Hop is offered to students age 9 years and up. In class we work on specific warm up techniques and develop isolating the body. New steps will be broken down and we always finish with a hip hop routine to current trending music.


Lyrical dance is a great way to learn about self expression and how we incorporate that expression when dancing.

This style uses the techniques learned in such classes as jazz and ballet but allows fluid, free movements to create something meaningful.  Lyrical is also great for limbering the body and creating suppleness. The slower paced music allows our bodies to connect to the music, whilst also showing grace and freedom.

This class is offered to 9+.

boys beatz

A fun high energy class tailored specifically for boys!

Boys Beatz covers the latest hip hop moves, and installs confidence and independence. Dancing to all to latest music, this class is high impact and lots of fun!

Offered to all boys aged 5+.


How many seconds can you hold a handstand? Want to learn the perfect cartwheel? Walkover? Or aerial? This is the class for you – The perfect combination of dance and gymnastics, this class intertwines gymnastics moves with jazz dance.

With focus on flexibility, musicality, and technique, and of course strength. Often a great class to take along side jazz.

Safety is our number one priority in this class – caution is taken with qualified instruction and  safety mats. This class is offered to children aged 6-13.  To participate in Acrodance, you must also be enrolled in a technique class, either jazz or ballet.

musical theatre

The perfect blend of acting, singing, and dancing for aspiring performers!

Classes provide a dynamic and nurturing environment for children to explore their creativity and develop essential performance skills. With concentration on character building, self confidence, projection and facial expressions, along with dancing and vocal skills.

Offered to ages 6+. Join us as we indulge in all of our favourite broadway songs and characters!

exam classes

Currently offered in Modern and Tap, exam classes offer students a structured curriculum to encourage development of technical proficiency, artistic expression, and performance skills.

The examination process encourages discipline, goal-setting, and a sense of achievement. 

competition team

Our competition team, JADE (Jump Academy of Dance Elite), is where passion meets precision.

Through collaboration, support, and friendship, our competitive dance team forms a close-knit community that inspires and uplifts each other. Experience the joy of dance, the thrill of competition, and the camaraderie of a team that dances with heart and soul.

JADE Team auditions take place each summer. Dancer’s must meet minimum recreational requirements.

adult classes

Our adult dance classes offer a vibrant and inclusive space for individuals of all levels and backgrounds to rediscover the joy of movement and expression.

The classes are high energy and a great, fun work out.

Weekly classes offered include Jazz/Lyrical, Tap and Hip Hop. Open to adults 18+. 

private lessons


Looking for something extra? At JUMP we offer private lesson for individuals or couples.

Do you want to excel in your genre? Learn more complex and advanced moves? Are you a couple looking for lessons to learn a wedding dance?

Private lessons can be tailored to suit any ability and style. Reach out to us to discuss your options!


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Miss Faith is absolutely amazing. Would recommend Jump Academy to anyone with children interested in Dance

Gail Whalen

So much love for you and your incredible talent. Thank you so much for bringing it to us!!!

Lauren Byrne

Miss Faith has been teaching my daughter for a couple of years now. Everyone loves her and she is a phenomenal dancer and teacher. You will love her without a doubt. Your children will love her.

Joy Buckle

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