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JUMP Academy of Dance is a place which welcomes people of all ages, ability, gender, and culture. We pride ourselves in being the elite, offering the highest quality of dance lessons. We offer classes from beginner to advanced, ranging in age from 18 months old to adult. It’s never too early, or late, to learn to dance!

Here at JUMP, we want every student to achieve their dreams, and we will go that extra mile to show each and everyone of you that the ‘impossible’ is alway in reach.

Faith Scott

Faith Scott is the owner and artistic director of JUMP Academy of Dance,  She grew up in Manchester, England and at 18 made the decision to further her dance studies at Phil Winstons Theatre Works.

She left theatre school in aspiration of following her dreams. Faith went on to work in India, featuring as a back up dancer in many Bollywood music videos and films (be sure to ask her to show you them on youtube!). She moved on to become a dancer and choreographer for a large scale production show in France. Her french tonge then allowed her to venture to the exotic Reunion island and close by Mauritius to provide the local schools with dance master classes. Her next stop (little did she know at the time) would be the definitive moment in her career.

Faith took a job teaching dance in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She quickly developed into the teacher we know and love today. She is a firm believer in discipline and technique.  Faith’s life ambition is to share her knowledge and passion for dance with others. She is a qualified teacher with the International Dance Teaching Accosiation (IDTA) in ballet, Jazz and Tap and with Acrobatic arts in AcroDance.

Sabina Budd


Miss Sabina

Miss Sabina has been dancing for nearly 20 years in many styles, provinces, and capacities. She is trained in Vaganova and Cecchetti Ballet, and has achieved Advanced level through the Royal Academy of Dance foundational examinations in Ballet.

Miss Sabina brings much experience in regional and provincial competition spaces through her own dancing, and as a choreographer.

Miss Sabina loves everything about dancing and teaching dance. She is a fun, high energy teacher who thrives on helping her students learn, grow, and develop as dancers. We are so excited to have her on our team here at Jump Academy of Dance!


Persephone Kennedy


Miss Persephone

Miss Persephone was born in England and raised in southern Ontario, where she became a passionate dancer and athlete from a young age. Figure skating became her primary interest, specializing in expressive movements and precise timing. She became an instructor at age 12.

After moving to northern Ontario to study psychology  and fine arts, Persephone found the opportunity to explore and teach gymnastics. She quickly received her NCCP gymnastics foundations, followed by her Competition 1 certification, which allowed her the opportunity to teach advanced gymnastics and tumbling skills, and to escort athletes to Ontario championships.

She continues to expand her knowledge through yoga instructing, personal fitness, and dance instructing. She believes in passion and precision, learned through communication and compassion. 

We are very happy to have Miss Persephone as the leader of our Acro team.

Samantha smith


Miss Sam

 Miss Sam is a young and vibrant teacher from here in Newfoundland. She has undergone many hours of dance training with Miss Faith.

Miss Sam has achieved her level 1 acrobatic arts and is also a qualified adapt dance teacher, allowing her to bring new techniques into her classes.

Miss Sam trained in Cecchetti ballet and ISTD modern and Tap at a dance school in St Johns. With this knowledge she will to help us expand our exam work, for those wanting to achieve their dance exams. 

We are happy to have Miss Sam on our team!


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